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We Are A Small Company

But We Can Make A Big Positive Impact To Your Practice

Why Outsource Your Requirement of Medical Summary To PinPoint?

Save Time:

PinPoint Medical Summary Service helps the SSD, PI and Workers Compensation Attorney/Lawyers cut down on the time they would spend going through 100s and 1000s of pages of medical records.

Our Medical Summary Service will cut down the time taken to draft memoranda of law for disability claims thereby helping you focus on other aspects of your practice as well.

Turn Around Time:

Prompt Delivery of Medical Summaries to Law Firms. We promise 8-10 business days for each cases but can very well accommodate your request to complete any case much sooner as well.

Attention to Detail:

You can be assured that no information that can be detrimental to the case will be missed out by our well trained team of Medical Summarizers.

Yes…we can also include Disability Listings in the medical summary if required.

Custom Format of Medical Summary:

We understand that every attorney would have his or her own preference in the way they would want their summary to be drafted. You just have to tell us your requirement and we will deliver.

Cost Effective:

Pinpoint offers you the best quality medical summary at very low and economical rate for your practice. We charge a flat rate for up to 1000 pages of medical records. No hidden costs. Contact us to know our pricing.

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