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Medical Summary for Social Security Disability Law Firms and Personal Injury Law Firms in USA

Our Legal Process Outsourcing Service for Law Firms Based in USA Offers:

  • Customized Format of Medical Summary to Suit the Preferences of SSD/SSDI Law Firms, PI Law Firms, Workers Compensation Cases and Insurance Companies.
  • Cost Effective, Value For Money—Unbeatable Prices for Medical Summaries for Disability Law Firms in USA
  • Higher Success Rate– Our Medical Summary Offers Higher Success Rate For US based SSD law Firms
  • Saves Time for the Law Firm
  • Reduced Efforts For Attorneys
  • Transparent Billing—Fixed Cost For up to 1000 Pages of Medical Records.
  • Hipaa Compliance.
  • Excellent Quality
  • Turn Around Time– 7-8 business days but we can be flexible and complete few cases sooner if required by the client.
  • PinPoint’s Medical Summary Provides Easier Access to Claimant’s Medical Information for the Attorney

Yes…we can also include Disability Listings in the medical summary if required

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